Friday, April 16, 2010

Link Love

I have had a crazy busy week packed with tons of fun. Hopefully this weekend I'll get a chance to post some pics and a narrative of our recent adventures. But for now I'll share some things that are interesting and inspiring. Have a lovely weekend, soak it up!

- Cannot stop listening to this song Have always loved Coldplay even through the years when I was so very confused by the lyric "should I blow off my head", haha, to later come to the realization that he was actually saying "shoot an apple off my head". Hearing aids may be in my future.

-This family I so badly want to sell everything and jump on a bike and hit the road with my family. Daddy Oak isn't feeling it so much, he'd much rather jump onto the couch and watch yet another Arnold movie.

-I haven't broadcasted it, but I've been dabbling in the raw diet for the last two weeks. I'm on a quest to try and heal some health issues I have. I am glad to say I am feeling great but constantly crave donuts. Not just a donut, but a cherry and cream cheese danish pastry. It's all I fantasize about. Really. Currently loving this yummy flat bread especially when smothered in the green deliciousness of an organic avocado, slices of cool cukes, and some Willow made alfalfa sprouts. Pair that with some mama-made kombucha and a powerbar (, you've got a winner and the formula for a meal that's been pretty much sustaining me and filling me with joy!

-Other than fantasizing about donuts I spend my *free time* dreaming about making Willow and Cedar some new duds from these patterns with some of her fabulous material

-I am so doing this someday I have been fairly enamored with the idea of using mason jars for kitchen lights for a while, but this just knocks my socks off. Love. It.

Apparently that's all Cedar thinks I should post since he's doing the most pathetic (and adorable) cry for mama loving right now. Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!