Monday, November 22, 2010

New Duds

Cedar has a crazy teeny tiny little waste but a huge 'ol rear end due to his cloth diapers. It's nearly impossible to find pants to fit him. Which turned out to make this mama very happy because what else are you going to make for a boy? I spent so much time sewing Willow birthday and easter dresses, everyday dresses and skirts and the occasionally dolly accessory. I lamented over one thing and one thing only when we found out we were having a boy: no more itty bitty made-by-mama dresses *tear*. But enter tiny but Cedar and we're in business! Pants!

In the past I've just traced some of his old pants and wha-lah! Wait. Too small, need room for the. . . . big butt! Surprisingly enough, I used the Big Butt Baby Pants pattern by Rae at Made By Rae. It was super easy to follow and contrary to what Daddy Oak thinks, they do NOT look like clown pants. Thank you very much.

Next I made a shirt to match out of one of my old shirts and a way too small t-shirt. I used Dana's tutorial and think I started an addiction. I sewed the envelope part a little too tight, so I need to cool it next time.

Now to tear apart more curtains and t-shirts! and to give that boy a haircut!


  1. I cannot get over how incredibly adorable he is!

  2. aww, thanks liz! he pretty much melts my heart but he's also quite the stinker. :D