Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WIP Wednesday

We've been hard at work on so many wonderful, jolly, and dare I say kitchy projects/gifts this past week. Here are just a few of what we've been putting our hands, hearts, and deep thoughts to:

A winter wonderland village inspired by this at The Long Thread.

A few more handmade Hanukkah decorations. We spent the afternoon listening to a rocking Pandora Hanukkah station gluing strips of blue and yellow paper together to make this:

This was Willow's independently made decoration for our holiday:

Cedar just ate glue.
I'll be back tomorrow to fill you in on what's been helping us making it through the TV free transition (aside from Grace. Lots. And lots of Grace).
I hope your hands are happy at work on something while celebrating the holidays!


  1. I didnt know you celebrated honuka. actualy you celebrate "christmuka" :) because you do a little of both! how neat!!! you did an awesome job on the decorations. ps. i love the editing on the pictures. and hazel that villiage is awesome!

  2. yes, Jer's family does and since Jewish Studies were my concentration for my Religion Major I get into it. *H loves it. we do, we celebrate Chrismakuh! fun! fun!