Saturday, January 8, 2011

Handmade Christmas

As I had mentioned before we didn't have as much of a homemade Christmas as we normally do, but before I start sharing posts on valentine's day crafts I thought I'd share a few things that did come from my hands and not a store.

First up, silhouette pillows of Willow, Cedar and their cousins for my parents. Despite a few moments of almost losing it, I enjoyed making them. Their were many steps involved which is not typical of a project for me. I tend to have a short attention when it comes to projects, preferring instant gratification over attention to detail and the need for patience. I used this tutorial. I have made several thing's from Jill's website and love all of them. I think this hoodie may need to be next for the little man.

This pattern was very clear and easy to follow. I added a hand embroidered initial under each silhouette. I may even make some for us. Wait, actually making something for me? What is the world coming to? I have made precisely two things for myself in the past and I think it's about time for that to change. Plus, I'm currently loving any opportunity to display silhouettes. Fun, classy, and they just plain make me happy.

Next up, ugly monsters. I had been wanting to make them for a while. They were intended for my niece and nephew but two little munchkins I know claimed them as their own. They made a good fit, suiting each of their personalities perfectly. The best part about them is that I didn't buy one thing to make them. I had the itch to make them, gathered materials that were literally laying around my sewing area, and an hour later they were stuffed and were on the receiving end of sticky hugs.

I'm hoping there will be more handmades to share following next Christmas!

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