Saturday, January 8, 2011

Love is in the air

Most people go crazy for Christmas. I do love the lights, the gift giving and making, the food, and the general jolly-ness of the Christmas season. But V-day has my heart. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Valentine's day and look forward to it all year. I have no idea why. But I remember being in elementary school saving up quarters for weeks in advance in order to bless my friends with a cookie from the cafeteria on Valentine's day. My love for it went up a notch when I accepted the surname of Hart. Come on, it just fit. No wonder I always loved the Hallmark holiday loathed by so many.

January 3rd Christmas decorations went down to the basement. By 7:30 a.m. on January 4th (I have children who rise literally at the crack of dawn) our living room looked like it ate a box of conversation hearts and threw up.

Because Willow, and I to be honest, is/are never satisfied with the amount of decorations we have. . . we set to work. She thought it was very important that she and Cedar have Valentine's day pillow cases. Down to the basement we went, and up we came with some white fabric and some V-day themed scraps (thanks Aunt Jean!). After swiping a potato and some fabric paint from the art cupboard we were in the business of making new pillow covers.

I carved a heart in a potato.

Willow stamped both her and Cedar's material by dipping said stamp into red fabric paint.
They dried, then we ironed them.

I sewed three edges and added some festive heart adorned trim. . . wha-lah. . . new pillow cases.

Which also moonlight as sleepingbags for Barbie, Ken and their beach lovin', High School Musical singing friends.

Oh, hearts and love and red! Make me oh so happy!


  1. those pillow cases are AWESOME... what a great idea. and I have to say i love the sleeping bag for the barbies ;) that girl is amazing :) Love you

  2. The pillows are really cool. Christmas can be a stressful holiday but also lots of fun.

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