Saturday, February 5, 2011

wow, it's february!

(Tear. I think I cut his hair too short. He now looks more GQ than cute little monster. I want his cute little monster 'do back.)
Really? January went by in a blur! Let me get back to the regulary scheduled programming and not spend too much time catching you up. The Hart family's month of January looked like this:


-spending lots of time with family

-spending not enough time with friends

-some healing of old relationships and forming of new ones

-a week of trying to completely cut out sugar followed by a

-VACATION! (that was completely induglant in the area of sweets and goodies; blast you BearPaw!) and oh was it wonderful :D

-snow days for Daddy after vacation which were even more wonderful!

-LOTS and LOTS of playing in the snow

-new hair cuts by all (except mama, who is contemplating a new 'do soon)
-Cedar surprising us with. . . . WORDS! He speaks! well, more than "mama", "daddy", "sissy", "ball", and that ever popular "superhero".

-many valentine's day crafts worked on and put up, several knitting projects finished and started, and 6 novels read in a period of 3 weeks.

-jumping head first into teaching Willow to read at her request and filling our heads full of arctic animal facts and burying our heads in stacks of books about polar bears, walruses(our new favorite polar animal), eskimos, and books about building igloos. Willow has declared that we wants to become a "polar biologist" when she grows up. I can't wait to see how she fits that in to her already full future schedule of cheering at football games, helping Santa make presents, keeping her customers happy at her bakeshop and of course headlining her world tour.

Dear January, we loved you, we miss you, and we welcome you to come back in all your awesome glory in 2011. Bring it on February!


  1. That sounds like a pretty perfect January Jessi! xoxo

  2. It really was! Life is so great when choose to look at it from the right perspective :) good luck on finishing your thesis!