Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love Day pics

Some pictures of our Love Day decor: Willow's felt heart garland

Baking cupcakes for homeschool group

Making a valentine for Daddy

Recycled crayon valentines for friends at homeschool group.

Willow's X and O

Cedar's watercolor/wood heart garland.

Munchkins' heart handprints

Living room covered in love

Banner Willow and I made last year out of recycled sweaters.
Tomorrow I'm planning on posting a few more things we did to spred the love and happiness in the last few weeks.
Hope you're having a happy day!


  1. All this is so Beautiful & Creative. I love it.

  2. Jess, so warm and inviting....such freedom and friends there....nice crafts. nice family. I love you!

  3. I LOVE THE CRAYONS JESSI... how did you do that, I'd love to teach my nieces and nephews! xoxoxo

  4. Amanda, we took pieces of broken old crayon and put them in a heart shaped silicone mold. I put them in the oven and them let them cool. We popped them out, polished them with a little bit of rubbing alcohol to make them smooth :D

  5. Jess your house looks awesome!!! I love it. Your wall hanging looks nice and i think that Cedars action hero tops it off ;) hehe. (this comment might be under brian because we both have google accounts and I dont know whos account is logged on, just a heads up. I love you!! xoxo)